Southwinds Overview

Southwinds is widely regarded as the premier condominium of The Moorings.

Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, the 81 apartments in the five main buildings all have views of the ocean, as well as easy access to the magnificent central area and private dune observation deck and elevated crossover to the beach. The 15 cottages outside of the main buildings offer private gardens or pools similar to single family homes, but with the lower maintenance costs and community lifestyle of a condominium property.

Southwinds provides all residents with luxuriously landscaped central grounds, including a free-form heated pool, lap pool, hot tub, poolside gazebo, and rock garden with a waterfall. Privacy and security are provided by a manned gate house, 24-hour cameras, and a resident manager.

A map of the property shows how all of these elements come together.

An important aspect of Southwinds for anyone considering ownership is the fact that the association is managed in a financially conservative manner. Major maintenance costs are anticipated and substantially funded in advance through budgeted reserves to reduce the impact of future assessments. Such strict financial management is not a common characteristic of many condominiums.

Overseeing all aspects of governance of Southwinds is a Board of Directors, composed of seven residents, who meet regularly throughout the year. Day-to-day management is through a professional management company, Keystone Property Management Group of Vero Beach.

For a comprehensive viewing of the Southwinds property, you are invited to take a drone-facilitated virtual tour.

View of the property with the beach in the background
View of the landscape with the pools
View of the landscape with palm trees and green grass