Southwinds Virtual Tour

Aerial Video captions

Overview of the property coming from the road, headed toward the water. Homes with pools.

00:10 Gate letting car in. In front of the gate is an American Flag. Following the same car to parking at the main building

00:36 Poolside view with golf cart riding around it

00:40 view toward the pools from the beach

00:52 Up close pools view with gazebo

01:19 Overview of the pools and hot tub, including two people swimming

01:27 View of the main building parking lot

01:42 view of the homes and pools surrounded by palm trees from the side, moving alongside the road

02:00 view of the front of the homes

02:08 Flying overtop the pools toward the beach

02:16 view of the sunset over the water

02:25 Flying backwards from the pools toward the beach